Monday, October 28, 2013

org.jgroups.TimeoutException: timeout sending message to master:ha-server-1/ejb


[] (pool-10-thread-1) ISPN000111: afterCompletion() failed for SynchronizationAdapter{localTransaction=LocalTransaction{remoteLockedNodes=[master:ha-server-1/ejb, master:ha-server-2/ejb], isMarkedForRollback=false, transaction=DummyTransaction{xid=DummyXid{id=1}, status=3}, lockedKeys=null, backupKeyLocks=null, viewId=1} org.infinispan.transaction.synchronization.SyncLocalTransaction@1} org.infinispan.transaction.synchronization.SynchronizationAdapter@20: org.infinispan.CacheException: org.jgroups.TimeoutException: timeout sending message to master:ha-server-1/ejb


In my case it was for having multiple clusters configured into different server. For example, I have a Cluster-A is configured into the box, and having Cluster-B is configured inside the box Both the clusters are independent. But as they are in same network, and having the same cluster configuration(for example host.xml, domain.xml), each of the clusters discovered each other and tried to combine them as one Cluster. They basically discover each other using the multicast Ip address(JGroups issue).


You have to change the configuration file and use a different one for the new cluster. It should work for you, if you change the grouping name, multicast ip, and multicast port from the configuration file.

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