Thursday, July 17, 2008

PHP: How to check UserAgent?

How to know which browser the user using while s/he browsing my page? Lets know how to do it using PHP. You can get the user's browser identifier by using the below PHP code

It is always best to use isset() function to grab the value from the variable, otherwise you'll get error if the value is not set. In that case it will be

Now lets analyze about the user's browser. From the user agent string, you can easily differentiate the browser name of user. For example if you want to provide different types of PHP code for Mozilla users. To identify the Mozilla user, code will be
print "Firefox user.";
// process here for firefox browser

For other browsers, you just need to change the regular expression. Below are the two regular expression for Opera and Internet Explorer.
Here /i means the string is case insensitive.

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Salsan Jose said...

Thanks for the code. i was looking for the code to serve different styles for different browsers. Thanks anyway..

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Rencontres said...

There is a mistake made for the code about IE : You've put the regular expression for Mozilla again instead of Internet Explorer !

Anonymous said...

What Recontres said :-)

What *is* the string to use for IE?

Andrew said...

I found, which I think is the best detector real user agent script

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