Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to identify the penny pinching buyers

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There are several common dialogs available for the cheap buyers who don't like to pay but want to make you work hard. They don't know how to respect a freelancers. Here are few tips which will help you to identify those idiots.

1) when you'll see a common dialog "those who knows what they are doing...". for a massive difficult work, still they are uttering this fucking bullshit.

2) when you'll see another common dialog "its a busy task, but right now i am busy and want to hire a coder". another fucking bullshit. they are saying this for not paying much, nothing else.

3) a project having highlighted "lowest bid will be the winner". just ignore the project. let him hire the cheapest freelancer. they don't look for quality, so they don't give you respect for your work.

4) china, india, pakistan, romania, when these are the country of the buyer, just kick those assholes. they are middleman, and won't pay much.

that's it so far. make your steps clear before bidding on a project.

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Martina L. said...

also, when you see a single line project description. for example

# contact us for more details.

this is must be an Indian. hahahhahahaha. cause that idiot got the job and looking for other people to accomplish. not posting details so that original buyer can not see that. what a clever bastard.