Saturday, November 27, 2010

Advance Youtube Uploader, it sucks

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The java applet based youtube uploader is nothing but a bullshit. I have already enabled Java and i can browse other applet kits from millions of websites, but youtube sucker is not able to load their applet on my browser. Always showing

"You do not have Java installed or enabled. You can learn more about enabling Java, or go back and try the standard upload page."

Also I have an objection about the claim "resumable uploads" about this advance uploader. They should retract about this claim. Its never resumable, if your internet line drops for around an hour, and you didn't notice the line up, your uploader just failed due to longer period of no internet connection. A resumable version should work no matter how long i pause this(by the way you can not even pause this sucking stuff)

sorry guys, take it easy. just busted the nuts out by the fcuking shit.

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