Sunday, June 21, 2009

Youtube Video Infringement Issue

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Youtube Video Infringement Issue

I bet there no site on earth who can say that we don't have any infringement content(otherwise official, for example mtv, espn, national geography, etc). But everyone is pointed to youtube for the infringement issue as Youtube is the only Giant from video sharing community. That's why when any newly released video is uploaded to youtube, youtube itself takes steps to take down the video ASAP. So you'll not find that kind of video on youtube.

I know watching or sharing copyrighted content at any video sharing site is illegal and crime. But all people are not like me. They will search for a newly released video on internet. As other sites are not used to take down video as frequently Youtube does, and people find those videos on Youtube's competitor's sites. Which is in a sense bad for youtube. I can give you tons of example about copyrighted videos which are erased from youtube, but exists at other sites.

This is in a sense good for youtube as they are keeping clean, but Bad in other sense that they might lose some user. No one will interested lose client to competitors at market, but youtube is forced to do that.

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