Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pidgin Login issue with yahoo

For last two days the popular chat client Pidgin failed to connect yahoo server. But it is still can connect with MSN and other servers. I used to use both Linux and Windows, and from my both OS, non of the pidgin version is not working. At linux its 2.5.2 and at windows its 2.5.5.

Anyway I got a solution to day about how to fix the issue. I'm going to tell you solution for both windows and linux.

Just add inside your /etc/host file. It will work like a charm.

Just open the file c:/WINDOWS/System32/drivers/etc/hosts and add the line

Or if you don't wanna change the host file, just modify your account, and from advance tab, change the pager server as or

Hope your problem is solved, and you can now enjoy your Pidgin messenger once again.


Ernest said...

Thank you so much, this works like a charm~!

aMaL said...

pidgin 2.5.7 is released,,so upgrade it to that version and it will fix the issue.

Anonymous said...

upgrade pigdin to new version 2.5.7 and it will fix the bug.

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