Monday, June 22, 2009

How to write a money making article

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Everyone is writing to blog for money. And targeting Google Adsense to generate revenue for their blogs. But it is not always easy to select a right topic for your new article. Its really hard for you to know whether your new article will be a booming or not. That's why article selection is more important. I'm going to give a tips to you.

I'm assuming that you have already google adsense and google analytics are installed on your blog. Now from your adsense account, just relate both of the account. Its just one click task. Or if you already have both the accounts are related, then its fine. Just follow the next.

Give some days to analytics to collect some data(for new, other don't need that). After that, click on Content from the left menu from your Analytics account.

Select Adsense from the below of Content. After selecting this, it will look like the below image.

Now scroll down to bottom of the page, and you'll find top 5 links from your blogs which generated the highest number of money through adsense. For my case, the screen shot from my account looks like below.

You can see that its showing the top five revenue generated links for my blog for last 30 days. Based on your analytic data, you can get an idea about what kind of article are more useful for adsense. You can spend more time on those kind of article's topics to make a new article your blog.

Since the topics are already time tested, you can easily depend or trust on them. But don't forget to check the top revenue generated articles frequently. Following this simple tip will help you to write a new article which will boom your adsense revenue.

Let me know if this tip help you. You can put suggestion or critics on this tip. I accept all.

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