Monday, June 8, 2009

How to watch Myspace private video?

Hey guys. Are you interested to watch any private video of your buddy from Myspace?? Its easy to watch such kind of video as long as you have the myspace video url on your hand.

For example you have a myspace private video as below.

Just copy the videoid from your myspace private video link. And paste the video id at url like below. <-- replace xxxxxxxx with your private video id.

Now browse the link at your browser, and view the source code(view -> source, or right click on page, click view source). From the source code of the xml page, you'll find something like below.

<media:content url="" type="video/x-flv" medium="video" duration="219" />

Here the bold portion like above from the source code will be the flv download link for your very desired private video from

Enjoy watching!!! until myspace block that ;-)

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