Sunday, June 21, 2009

High-Quality video viewing Experience

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High-Quality video viewing Experience comparison With youtube

Youtube started to display high quality/definition videos as an option. But the case is not always true for all uploaded video. If you are searching for any video at youtube, you might not get it on high quality. But there are lots of sites who are sharing video, and all are uploaded with enormously high definition. They are not allowing to user to upload lower quality video. StageVU is one of them.

But there are also more sites which are having more high quality video compare to youtube(if you consider % quality video from total uploaded video). Vimeo, VEOH, Revver are the example of such sites. I don't know why people used to upload quality video there. But this tendency from people might cause a problem for youtube in future.

But the current video which are enabled with high quality, are awesome. I just love them to watch. I already filled my hard disk by downloading those videos.

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Filming said...

Read four of your posts and this is the last....first, Youtube converts the video right after uploading into another format to keep the file smaller, they don't keep the original files, why would they. Which brings me to my second point, millions of videos are uploaded every day, the amount of server capacity that it would take to keep the original file would be enormous and stupid, most users don't watch in HD anyway because their connection is to slow. Finally, not all cameras shoot HD, it is now just becoming a more easy to come by quality type in cameras, hence they are now making HD and Full HD available, but I still wont watch in this quality because my connection is not good enough.

FYI - Read through your writing before posting, it can be difficult to follow at times...