Saturday, June 6, 2009

Does embedded youtube videos count as a view

Does embedded YouTube videos count as a view?

The answer is yes. If you Embed your video at different website or blog, and if any user watch the video from that blog/website, youtube will count the video as viewed.

Remember, view will not count if the user just only browse the page. The user needs to click the play from embed player. You can do a trick here. Make the embed code as auto play. So that whenever the user will load the page, the video will be played automatically, and you'll be granted a view count.



Anonymous said...

Autoplaybacks are not counted toward the visible “views” numbers displayed on the YouTube site because autoplaybacks are not viewer initiated. The majority of videos are not affected by this.

This was a response from Youtube.

Does Autoplays count or not?

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell my embedding and checking my video view counts, embedding and clicking DOES count, but embedding and autoplay DOES NOT count...

Anonymous said...

autoplay does NOT count. I got over 12,000 views on a video that I posted on Funnyjunk, and maybe 60 showed up on my youtube view count. Probablt people who replayed the video.

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