Sunday, June 21, 2009

Are there too many Spammers at youtube

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Too many Spammers at youtube

Youtube is a big place for people. Lots of peoples browse the site. And its a great place for online marketers. You'll find lots of spammers on youtube who will send you friend request, or send private message. They can write a comment on your video or at your profile page. They used to share you videos frequently. But all the things are done automatically. People are using Bot to perform those tasks.

There are few sites which are selling those kinds of bots. If you search at google, you'll find them easily. But the competitor(are they really?) of youtube are way behind in terms of popularity. But this is helping those tiny bulls to become a big giant. People are showing interest to switch those sites as those are cool place to breath. No bugging issue. More ever, all sites are now days trying to provide maximum support to you.

If you browse any video site, you'll not find anything to say that the site is better to that one in terms of video streaming or anything. You can't say that this site is slow, and that site is faster while playing a video. Everyone is using latest technique, and tools. All try to provide the end user the same taste. So if any user moves from Youtube to another one, it will be a loss for them, and I can bet you there will be little chance for those user to come back youtube.

Finally my summary is "Youtube may lose few amount of users due to noisy spammers".

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