Monday, May 18, 2009

RentACoder using irritating ad on the project page

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RentACoder started to display the irritating ad on the project listing page. Which is really painful for the coder like me. I didn't like their idea.

rac, ad

They are already earning money through the coders. They shouldn't use those kinda ad. Even the ad doesn't match with the existing page design. I used to work at other freelancing sites, but didn't see any stupid ad like RAC anywhere. Even others are not using ad.

rac, ad

RAC had an excellent page design, and they just spoiled with that poor ad. They should remove that from there. Poor RAC.


DocuMaker said...

You have got to be kidding, right? I mean, you've got the same thing going on with your own image-based adsense ads!

Here's a tip: IGNORE IT

Wolf said...

thanks pal,

i don't ignore comments from any user unless its a spam. thanks for your tip.

1) do i make money from my blog other than adsense?

2) i already used to pay 15%(my income from rac) to rac, so why extra ad? do you used to pay me anything so that i don't need to display ad on my blog?

3) finally its from my point of view, you may not like that.