Tuesday, May 12, 2009

monetize your blog using amazon products

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If you are a blogger, no matter what, your one of the prime concern is making money. You are spending lots of time behind blogging only for convert your visitors into money. There are lots of ways to convert visitors into monetize value. Did you ever think about amazon to make money?

Yes, you can make some money using Amazon. Amazon has a feature to promote their product on your blog or website. If anyone buy the product through your blog or website, amazon will share a profit with you. And its a countable amount of money. So lets make an amazon account now, and start making money using amazon.

There are several ways to promote amazon products into you blog. One is using the banner ad. There are various size of the banners. Choose one for you from amazon. Here is an image of small banner ad that I found from a random blog.

Another option can be, putting the Link ads. This will be just few on your blogs. Your reader can click on them to buy product. Or, if anyone put mouse over the link, it will show the details about the product with price. It will look like below image.

amazon, link, ad, blog, money

There is another option. This time it is a Javascript based widget. It is called product cloud widget. Using the keyword density, and count, the widget will display few random keyword based ads on your blog. This is most useful I think. Because it will display the most keywords which are relevant to your page. In fact, readers will think it is the content of your blog.

amazon, ad, money, blog, product, cloud

Though I didn't used amazon product promoting at my blog, but I believe it will be a powerful way to make money from your blog. So if you are thinking or making money, you can use this thing.

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