Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to survive as a freelancer during this recession

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This is the continuation of my last article at my blog about the recent recession

Enough, now how to survive as a freelancer during this recession? I can tell you few tricks, which may help you. You can practice this tips as a freelancer.

  • While bidding, try to guess the budget of the buyer, and try to bid accordingly. Since the time is tough, if your bid is too high, the buyer will ignore you. Try to bid as much as closely. It will depend how much you understood the project spec, and what will be the price at current market. You know its easy to bid cheapest, and win the project. But it will not be helpful for you, or for other coders, so stop doing that.

  • Try to provide your buyers extra solution. Suggest some good ideas which will be helpful for the buyer for current project. As you know the most of the buyer like suggestions. It makes their task easier when you come up with a juicy idea.

  • Try to provide complementary works with the current task. For example, you can adding the report generation part(though buyer didn't want that) with the work. Or you can add a log tracing part. It can be anything. But believe me, that just made my buyers happy, and they loved to work with me. Hope you'll want to be like that too.

  • You worked with a buyer on project X, and now the buyer are asking you to complete the project Y. But you are not expert at Y. But don't say no to your buyer. Just take the work, and try to buy service for the Y, and deliver it to your buyer. But don't refuse them. You might lose your buyer. Cause everyone is trying to provide better solution, and buyer may go with last provider he worked. So careful.

  • Keep in touch with your buyer. It can be through emails, or on the chat window. Say hi/hello at IM window. This can help the buyer to remember you. Or the buyer can share the current work with you.

  • These are few common tips, but you can come up with more, and try to apply with your buyer at current recession. This will help you to survive at the current tough situation. Have fun.

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