Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to invite visitors to my blog

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If you are a new blogger, you can use few small tricks to invite users to view your blog. Below are few which I used to do. You can practice that.

  • Add Email subscription option to your blog. This will allow your user to subscribe at your blog. Whenever you write a new article to your blog, your reader will receive an email at the end of the day. I use feedburner email subscription option. Here is my post about how to use the thing

  • Add your blog link under the email signature. So that whenever you sent any email, your friends/known people will get the link of your blog.

  • Add your blog link to your facebook, myspace profile. Through those, you can easily invite the friends to view your blog.

  • Write meaningful comments to other blogs. A reader may find the comment useful, and will see your profile, and from there they might be interested to view your blog.

  • There are many other tricks to invite readers at a blog. But these are very common. You can try with this techniques. Or can share your ideas here too.

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