Sunday, May 24, 2009

Effect of recession on freelancing.

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As all we know the USA is going under a terrible recession process. Starting from the stock market of the everywhere of the world to any kind of business, it just made a serious damage. The people who are related to freelancing are not exceptional either. They are facing a terrible hard time. No matter who you are and how high profiled freelancer you are, now you are passing through the extreme hot time.

The equation is easy about why the effect of recession at freelancing so hard. At good time, a freelance buyer used to order 8 to 10 tasks( for example ). After finishing the task, the buyer tried to market those(or already marketed), and get some profit. After success, the freelance buyer them came up with another new ideas, and works.

But at this time of recession, the freelance buyer are a bit afraid to push more works to the freelancers. Let say the buyer has 10 works on hand. But the buyer is not that much confident at recent time. He is thinking whether it will be profitable or not. He just push 2 works out of 10 to freelancer. And thinking, if this 2 works are worthy, he will try to accomplish rest of the works.

Also you know, its really hard for the most of the buyers to make the 2 works(example that i mentioned) profitable at current time. And they are keeping the rest of the work for next time, when everything will be fine. Everyone is feeling nervous about buying service from freelancer due to recession, as it might not be profitable for them.

As a freelancer I'm waiting to get everything better. And for sure I want to work more as a freelancer.

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