Friday, May 8, 2009

Blog view count: What is your satisfactory limit?

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When I was just started my blog, after one month i used to get around 20-30 views. I was wondering about 100 views per day for my blog. After few months my blog used to get around 100 views per day. That time I was thinking about 300 hits for my blog.

Few months back I got my blog increased by 300 views on average per day. And now I used to get around 500 hits per day. Still I'm looking for more view. I say lots of blogs are having more than thousand views per day. My next target is to see my blog at that stage.

blog,views,hits,statsThe image shows you the last one months hits trend to my blog. Its increasing dramatically.

But what is the satisfactory limit for this? Are you satisfied with your hits at blog? Or you still working to get more views, and enrich your content? Are there any Idle people who are not bothering about the hits? I've thousands of question like this on my mind.

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