Sunday, May 24, 2009

Attitude of freelancer changed during recession.

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This is the continuation article of my last one

The recession made changes on the attitudes of the freelancers. I used to buy service as a freelance buyer from the few freelancers. And I found its really sweet, that during the tough recession, most of my freelancer coders are superb (They all are excellent coder from beginning), and providing me excellent services.

The response from the freelancers are really quick at this time. And the quality of work is awesome. From my point of view, I can find only one conclusion. May be during the recession, the freelancers have few tasks on hand. Usually they used to be busy with works.

My guess is, having less work on hand, they can reply quickly through email, or they are free at their chat window. Also being less work on hand, they are putting much effort on the current work, and which made them tremendous. And I'm getting benefit as buyer.

Another thing can happen. May be they are trying to keep the buyer in touch with high quality works. If you get better solution from your freelancer, you'll probably go to the same service provider again and again till you are satisfied.

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