Sunday, May 24, 2009

Attitude of freelance buyers changed during recession.

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This is the continuation of my last article

During the recession, I'm finding a hard time as a freelancer. There can't be any nasty time more than this one. This is really hard. The buyers are thinking as the master, and freelancers are the slave these days. They know they have the work on hand, so they can lure the freelancers.

Few months back, when it was a good time, the buyers were paying good amount of money to the freelancers. But due to recession, they are wanting to pay as less as they can. From my experience, I can tell you the amount of payment is decreased around 70%. If a buyer paid 100$ for a work before recession, they are paying 30$ now.

Not even the money, they are wanting more from the freelancer. Their attitude is give me all possible support you can. Also there are lots of coders around the world who are providing the service with low price. This made the buyer demanding as less possible.

But I had a funny experience last time. The buyer awarded a project to a coder who wanted less money. But the quality of the work really poor, and the buyer posted the work again. I won the project, and believe me, the work from the cheap coder was horrible. You can't find worst work then that, trust me.

But anyway, this is not a good news for me as a freelancer. I don't want to lose money like the cheap way. There are lots of awesome coders around the world, and I don't want them to get paid less according to their standard. They deserve a good payment, and I believe the days will change soon, and the buyers will change their attitudes too.

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