Sunday, April 5, 2009

Share This, a JavaScript Widget for your blog

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Hello every one.

CCViD has published a new Blog share option for the bloggers. They have developed a JavaScript based nice outlooked WidGet, which you can put at your blog, and allow your blog readers to share your posting at their preferred sites.

For example, you have written a brilliant article, and you have shared the article with your facebook friends or myspace friends too. But what about your readers? You should put an option for them too, so that they can share your blog with his/her friends.

It will be really easy for you, if you just add the simple one liner JavaScript code at your blog. The share this code is free, and support all blogs or websites to share through out network.

It will look like as below, when you'll add the javascript code to share your blog.
ccvid, share, this, widget, javascript

To get your code, just visit ccvid, here is the link, Its a must need Widget for you. Using this you'll be able to spread your blog through your users. Use this Share this Widget, and tell your friends about this share this widget.

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