Saturday, April 18, 2009

Select your buyer wisely while doing Freelancing.

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Hi Freelancers,

While doing your freelancing bid, you'll find lots of idiot buyers, who themselves think wise, and rest of are nuts. Just avoid those fcuking idiot buyers.

How 'll you identify them? Simple. When you see some one writing this kinda sentence on the project description "Should be easy for them who knows what they are doing"

Common... fcuk you. These is the common dialog for those shitty buyers. Just avoid them.

Another thing you'll find "This is really an easy project, but I'm too busy right now to do it myself.". Another Fcuker here. Cause that idiot wants to show you an expert himself, but doesn't know anything. He just wants to attack you mentally by that sentence.

Finally, don't post your bid too high, or too low. It is not better in any way. Also don't attack the buyer at freelancing sites. Use your blogs or others to fcuk them, so that you won't get hurt ;-)

These are my methods to bid on project. I just used to ignore this kinda fcuking things. Its upto you what you'll do. But you know it doesn't require money to provide suggestions ... that's why I posted the article.

Wolf( )

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