Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Make your banner for website or blog for free

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Hi guys, if you are not good at designing, then you might have faced troubles while making a banner add or banner designing for your site/blog. I can provide you a simple way which will help to create a new banner for your site or for your blog.

The Website provides the Online solution for making any types of banner of any size. This site supports banner for both paid and free service. You can chose your service option depending upon your ability. They just generate the banner on the fly after taking inputs from you. They have lots of customizable options to make your banner perfect., banner, ad

The website supports various height & width of banner. You can pick lots of color from color pick. They also support various styling for your fonts. I've seen so many fonts from there. Also you can upload your own image for banner background. Here is one that I have made from there.

A simple 720x90 banner

A simple 720x90 banner

The only issue is, they used to add their website slogan and website link under the banner. But I can suggest you a trick. Just using your MS-Paint tool, or Gimp from Linux, you can easily erase the text from the banner, and type your own at there.

Have fun with your banner from

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