Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to backup or export your blog from blogger

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Here is step by step procedure to take a backup of your blog from blogspot/blogger.

1. Go to your blogger dashboard.

2. Click the settings link from your dashboard. It will look like as below image.

3. It will bring a new page. From the top of the page, you'll find the link for Export your blog. Just click on the Export link. It will look like as below.

4. It will bring another new page, where you'll see an Orange button Download Blog, to download your blog as atom format to your local hard drive. Just click the button, and you'll have your blog on your PC.

You can also import your atom feed into your blog using the same procedure. Just click Import instead of Export. This will also help you to migrate your blog to your own domain.

It is always better to take a monthly or weekly backup of your blog on your local disk. So that any blunder from any party(blogger or you) won't hurt either of the party. I'll suggest you to download your blog and zip it, and take a copy at your email as backup, and another copy at your hard drive. Be at safe side for any situation.

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