Thursday, April 9, 2009

CCViD http web sniffer

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Here is a HTTP WEB Sniffer for you. This is developed by CCViD. Using the web-sniffer application, you can trace the HTTP Response Headers, Cookie, HTML source code, and other header information easily.

The sniffer's link is

ccvid,web,sniffer, http,response

Also, you can submit the Post string to the sites to check about the return headers. Also the site supports HEAD request too. You can change your user-agent string manually, of you can set a custom referer yourself. The site has all supports you need.

A sample http response from web-sniffer will look like the below image.

If you want to put your site's review here, just let me know by commenting on any posting of my article. I'll upload a review about your site at my blog.

Thanks to all.

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