Sunday, April 12, 2009

Buy YouTube Account

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Hello everyone!!!

I have 2 YouTube accounts, one has 6K friends, and another has 5K friends. I want to sell both of the accounts. If anyone interested to by my accounts with friends, please let me know.

You don't need to waste time to adding friend manually or using Bot. All are ready, and all users are real user. No fake user. All users are doing regular activities at Youtube. You can buy the accounts with a real cheap price.

Just post a comment here if you are interested. You can also provide your email address, I'll contact you. Your email address will not published at this blog.

So hurry up guys, it will be limited for a short period of time. So rush, and buy your YouTube account from me with ready made friends. By the way, I have also few videos at my youtube account which has lots of view counts too.

Once again, just let me know your email address if you want to by anyone of my youtube account. I'm waiting to hear from interested buyers who want to buy the accounts.

Thanks to all


mrenish said...

i am interested in your 6k subscription account. what is your price? can i have a link to the videos on your account

Demon said...

its not 6k subscribers, its 6k friends.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is looking to Buy Youtube Accounts...I would recommend ....they provide good accounts (especially since YT has been on a warpath lately banning accounts)...and they have FAST delivery to boot!

Hope this helps!

Matthew said...

In addition to sharing your videos across your online presence, you will want to become an active participant in the YouTube community in your niche. Leave comments on other people's videos.

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