Friday, April 17, 2009

Bring more traffic using keyword rich Article

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"Keyword Rich Article" is one of the most important thing for the bloggers to write a high quality article which is rich by a specific keyword. If you write an article on your blog which is based on a certain keyword, you'll get a high chance from google/yahoo/msn or other search engine to keep your article at the top position against that particular keyword. That means your article will bring lots of traffic towards your blog. The reason is only the density of your particular keyword at your article is really remarkable.

Keyword Selection:
You have to select your keyword, before writing any new article. Try to chose your article wisely. Select such an article or keyword, which is rare. I mean people are searching for that particular things, but not finding at web. You can ask how to find what are people looking for. This is simple to answer. Assume yourself a people. You are one of them. So what comes up at your mind, that defiantly thinking by other people too. Now check the keyword at google/yahoo/msn or other search engine. See what is the status of the search result.

Be Skilled on your topic:
If you think the search results are not enough for any reader, then you know what you have to do. Just write a new one on that article. But make sure that you are skilled on that particular topic. I mean, you know what are you going to write. Don't copy from other. Just share your thoughts. Make the article meaningful. And once again, try to use your main keyword as much as you can. But make sure that you are not using that too much. Otherwise most of the search engines will count your article as "keyword spamming". So careful.

Wide your thinking:
Finally use your head, and thinking to write a rich article. Make sure your readers get help from your article. It will make them to share the article with their known people. Also they will come to visit your article more often to see update of your blog.

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