Friday, April 17, 2009

Article Theft - Worry for the bloggers

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You might have heard the blog posting stealing. Now a days, lots of people are stealing article from other blogs, and posting on their. Which is really worried thing for the bloggers.

Steps taken by Search Engines

Google and other search engine are against the article theft. If anyone copy article from other blog, the search engines used to put a poor ranking on the page. This way the site/blog will lose the page rank, and they will not be displayed at search engine. But still people are doing this rubbish things.

How do people steal article?

People are using different technique to steal the article from blogs. Here is few examples.

  • Many of the thief are using Bot(an automated program), that will scrape your article from your blog, and post it to their blog as it is.

  • Some of the thief are using the bot a bit wisely. After stealing your article, they used to replace the adjectives with synonyms. For example replacing Excellent with Awesome. This way they are trying to fool the search engines.

  • Some people used to hire other people, who will copy the blog article, and edit manually, which is really difficult for search engines to detect.

  • Not only the blogging, people are stealing content from the forums too. For example They run a bot on the forum, whenever any new posting or update on the forum occurs, the bot just update the thief's forum. This is really weird that the thief is getting benefit without doing nothing.

    How to stop stealing?

    So far, I don't know any better method to protect this stealing. But, since most of the people are using Bot, you can do one thing. Which may work.

    Just post your blog's link at the end of your article. For example

    Now you may think that the thief's bot can replace the html link?? Then do another thing. Post a text link inside your article. For example or link without http,

    These way, the readers of the thief's blog will know that the content is probably stolen from other site. And they will try to come your site, and will hate the thief's one.

    Use your signature

    Finally, you can use you custom signature at the bottom of the blog. For example,


    Remember to change your signature format. For example sometimes the link at top, name at bottom. Or the whole signature at the top of the page sometimes. A bot can not handle this kind of stuff. So it will duplicate the article with your signature or footprint. And for me, this is the only way to tackle the dirty peoples.

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