Thursday, March 26, 2009

Youtube view count comedy

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Hi everyone,

I know youtube changed their view count system/policy. Thats fine to me. It was the right decision to prevent artificial view counts increasing. But I think they still needs to improve some things at their architecture.

Here is the link, Just go there and you'll find that a video having only 500+ views, but that displaying the most viewed video of the day. Where most of the videos around the video having 5 to 10K views. I'm attaching the screenshot of the page, so that you can see if the video goes down any time.

youtube, view, count, comedy

I'm interested to know what exactly going on. A video having very less number of count displaying on the top chart of the day??? I'll keep eye on the video, and will wanna know how long the video sustain at that position.

I'm not complaining about my video's view count stuck, but I wanna know why this video got the honor? What is the reason behind that??

Thanks buddies.

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sarah9t7 said...

i have jus written a blog about youtube freezing views, its very strange indeed isn't it