Friday, March 27, 2009

Increase Traffic to your Blog using Wordpress

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Lets start Increasing Traffic to your Blog using Wordpress blogs. There are lots of wordpress blogs around the web which support multiple user posting. You can easily utilize those wordpress blogs to bring more traffic towards your site or Blog.

I'm going to give a 5 stepped process to bring traffic from outside. Here is what you can do, or you need to do.

1. Go to your favorite search engine. Google or Yahoo or MSN, or whatever.

2. Using sufficient or appropriate keyword(s) try to find wordpress blogs which are supporting multi-user posting to the blog. I suggest you to find the blogs which are related to your blog.

3. After locating those type of wordpress blogs, Create an account at that blog.

4. Post an article there. It can be anything. May be related/not-related to that blog. But if that is related to that blog, you'll get higher chances to get your article for a long time, otherwise it may get deleted by admin. An average quality article can be handy sometime.

5. Inside your article just put a link which will point to your website or blog. It will help you two ways. Firstly it will count as a back link for your blog/site, and aid to boost your PR from google pagerank. Secondly, it will bring traffic from that wordpress to your blog/site sometimes.

That's it. Its a simple but excellent outputted work. Just start doing this from now without wasting your time. If you are excellent at Bot writing, that case you can write a Bot for yourself to perform these task as automated process. Also you can hire a bot developer instead.

Work hard for your blog/website. Its your asset.

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