Friday, March 27, 2009

How to become an active blogger?

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How to become an active blogger?? What are the best ways to prove your self a reputed blogger? How to keep your blog alive and don't let it die??? I'm going to provide five(5) TIPs today related to become an active blogger.

My article is not only for the new blogger, but also for the elder, experienced blogger too. Its easy to provide advice, but if you can adopt it, then its gold for you. Here goes my five tips about active blogger, practicing these tips can keep your blog alive as well as keep you on top.

  • This is must, and the first rule, if you want to keep your blog alive. You have to post regularly at your blog. Try to post at least a single topic per day. Spend few hours behind this. If its not possible for you, then try your best to post articles at regular interval.

    But... don't make too much late, which may keep you readers waiting until next article. If you search at google for blogging tips, you'll find 99% bloggers are suggesting you to become regular at your blog. Once again I'm telling you, its must must must, if you want to keep your blog alive. Otherwise this job is not for you. You can quit from here.

  • You must have heard about Notebook. Now know another word which is BlogBook. Inside this you'll write down your thinking which are related to your blog, and your to-do list for your blog. That's why I'm calling it BloogBook.

    Just scratch you head for a minute right now. Isn't that you thought something to write at your blog today or yesterday but forgot after you sit on your PC? This can happen. When you are relaxing, or watching TV, you have some idea on your head about your new article. But unfortunately you forgot that. Just write down your idea or thinking at that BloogBook before it completely lost. I used to use my BloogBook extensively. I bet you'll find some good experience with your BloogBook too. Once again, your BloogBook is only for your blog, not for writing the dating schedule for your girlfriend.

  • Try to become innovative. Open your mind for thinking. Do not cut and paste articles from other blogs. Firstly its really bad that you are trying to steal other people's hard working crops. Please never do that. Otherwise you'll have your punishment soon.

    Google can recognize copying or stealing articles. Google will just remove you from their search engine. And believe me, still now, Google is the most and best way for users to come at your blog. People just search at google, and they click on the random results from top 10. You cannot ask your readers to remember your blog's name, there are plenty. That's why never try to copy paste from others, not even on your dream. Find your own idea, share your own experience to your users. As long as your are doing well, you'll soon be starting to get good result soon.

  • Spend some time for reading other blogs. Make a habit of reading blogs from other blogger. It will help you to keep updated. Try to find few blogs which are pretty much similar to your blog. Go to those blog, and watch closely what they doing, get idea about what new things you can do, which they are not doing. Post your comments or thinking about their articles at their blog.

    After posting a good comment, just put your blog's link at the bottom of the comment as a signature. Since your comment is really excellent, the blog admin will really dare to remove your comment for posting the link. Its a nice trick to get happy from both ends. You gave him/her a good comment for his/her readers, and as a payment, you just clipped your blog link there. This will perform backlinking for your blog, and also drive traffic from that blog to your one.

  • Use a site meter for your blog. keep eye on the site-meter on a regularly. Watch which keywords people are using at google. Check what are the status that keyword at google. Then make your own article based on that particular keywords. Remember, since one people searched on google using that keyword phrase, you can be assured there will be more like that user around the world.

  • That's it friends. Try to follow the steps at your best. You won't be a loser if you follow the rules. Not only the rules will keep your blog alive and on top, it will also make you a king on blogging world. You already know its easy to earn money by utilizing your blog. So what are you waiting for. Keep going...


    B.K.B said...

    I agree with just about everything written in this post most especially that aspect about unique and new content.

    I always make a point of writing my own content and when I find that I am stuck for ideas I peruse and sift through other blogs topically relevant to mine. One can also use Google Alerts to facilitate finding such blogs and specific topics.

    As for pingback/trackback links...well I don't really bother too much with them because these days Google pretty much views them as diluted slosh. But I guess every little bit counts.

    Here's a post I wrote that has topical relevance to your post:

    Amanwhoblogs said...