Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How many visitors you are getting per day?

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How many visitors you are getting per day to your blog? Currently I'm having a good number of visitors to my blog. On an average I'm having 250 to 500 visitors on weekdays. But on weekends, i mean at saturday, sunday, I used to get something around 200 views on my blog pages.

When I was started to posting on this blog, I used to get around 20 to 40 views per day. But most of they were from link exchanging sites. It tool a bit of time for my blog to get visitors from search engine. Initially I had a lot of traffic from digg.

But after few months, I think google listed my blog onto their engine. And from that time, day by day i'm having a increasing rate of visitors per day. I know lots of popular blogs used to get around 1000 viewer per day. I'm planning to make my blog like that. But believe me, I'll not stop at that point, as you know people always craving for more.

One sad thing is, I'm having visitors number with a good rate. But interestingly my adsense didn't reflect that much as I expected compare to the view counts. Also having a very good content, and all are original, still my page rank is 0 :( its a big O for me :-s; But I can be happy that I have a very good alexa ranking :-) still this is getting better alexa ranking for my blog.

Please share how many visitors you are having per day to your blog?


Faruk said...

Hi friend.i am also a blogger.i got 50-70 traffic in a day.plz tell me that how can i get more traffic in a day?my yahoo id is . you can invite me there

Diana Daffner said...

My website gets about 150 visitors a day. Like you, a numbers measure is not only how many people visit but what they click on while they're there. Very few sign up for my newsletter and even fewer buy my book or other products. Maybe they go to Amazon to get them (I give them the link.)

I also have a very personal blog that I haven't tried to get visitors to yet. I notice that very few blogs inspire comments and there's probably not a lot of ad clicking either.

Maybe I will start paying more attention to posting into my twitter account... @DianaDaffner.

Miracles said...

I have started blogging two weeks ago. However I'm sad to say that none of the visitors visit my blog Recently i have tried twitter to invite more visitors but none of them seem to be interested in my blog. Not only they wanted to buy the book of secret of earning online,not even a single click was done on the advertisements in my blog. How and what should i do to invite more visitors to look into my blog?