Thursday, March 26, 2009

Google Adsense Page Impression doesn't reflect to Earning

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Its weird that my Google Adsense Page Impression doesn't reflecting that much to Earning as it should be. When my blog was a new one, I used to get a handsome amount of clicks, and money $$$ per day. But now a days, I find it hard to get any clicks on my ads.

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The image that display the overview of month March 2008. Just see 8,745 views so far of this month, 33 clicks!!! But on my pocket is only $2.65, Per click I'm having 8 cents!!! I'm just a bit upset. My Making Money from blogging project is going to fail i think.

I can still remember, I used to get around 8-15 dollars per month from my blog. Believe me, that time it was really low number of visitors. But having a good number of visitors per months, I'm having empty on my pocket.

I don't know what about others earning ration. May be good, may be bad. I just sharing my blog's one. I'm working to get this ration to lift a bit more higher along with the visitors counts.

Thanks everyone.

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