Thursday, March 26, 2009

Digg: This URL has been widely reported by users

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Another f****** error from digg. After returning after 5/6 months to blogging world, I'm experiencing Digg is a bit hard to use. I already mentioned my links are removed. But I went to post my new links to there. And found below error.

Why the freakiest users reported against my UserId? Not sure what exactly happen.

This URL has been widely reported by users for one of the following reasons: being used to spam Digg's submission process, posting spam content, or posting off-topic content

Was that for forgot the password? Or not using the digg for a long time? Either way I'm feeling like this :-(

1 comment:

DELL ROCKS said...

Don't ever Digg your own stuff, even innocently. This happened to me too.