Friday, September 19, 2008

Zion Information & Technologies

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Hello readers, Recently I have registered for a domain named Currently I'm planning for two things. One is I'll try to develop a Website under the domain and keep my portfolio there, or if I get any lucrative offer from anyone, I'll just transfer the domain to that party.

It won't be any bad Idea to put my portfolio at since I used to work as a freelancer sometimes. Also won't be a bad Idea to sell the domain. There might be few people around who are related to Zion Technologies or Zion Information Technologies or something else related to Z may want to by this domain.

Lets see what happen, My portfolio? or Domain sell (I'll definitely try to market at my best)

If you want to see article related to your blog or site, just send it to me. I'll just post that at my blog's site review section. To contact me, just post a comment here and provide your email address. I'll get you ...

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