Friday, September 12, 2008

Youtube Friend Adder bot

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I think most of you guys are familiar with youtube friend adder bot. This is kind a thing that will signin into your youtube account from the program, and start sending invitation to youtube users randomly.

So after developing the bot, I just put one of my user/password at my bot script, and given a run. The script works fine, and sending invitation to all users without judging any thing.

Some user accept invitation, and added my friend list. So far the acceptation rate is 30%. But from users, most of the cases I got response from any of the below.

1) hey buddy whats up??????
2) why you invited me?
3) where did you find me?
4) who the hell you are?
5) i don't accept friend invitation from unknown people.
6) thanx for invitation, but i don't know u.
7) what makes you interesting to send me an invitation.
8) thanks for your invitation.
9) I subscribed you, please subscribe me.
10) hey, sub 4 sub?

Sometime I have lots of time, that case, I login into my account, and send reply to those people. sometimes I just ignore those.

You know what, I was trying to collect lots of friends at my friend list at youtube, so that I can promote my blog at youtube. So far no success though. But let see how its going on.

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Anonymous said...


i enjoy your scripts

could i get your script to add friends on youtube ?
please please

it would be really awesome.