Wednesday, September 10, 2008 : a pagerank checker site.

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I have found a google pagerank site. I have been using the site for last 6 months. Most of the times I used to check the pagerank of my site. Here is the link for the site

This site is very simple as outlook. And very light to browse. This site doesn't have any heavy page element, so user never gets annoyed. Most important things for the site is, they use AJAX call to display the site ranking. So it requires very less time to load the page rank.

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A simple screen shot for the site. It is displaying my blog's page rank and alexa ranking. Not that much high page rank though

Also they used to display the alexa ranking and DMOZ listing status with the pagerank. So its a complete package in one site. I have bookmarked the site. And using the site when I need.

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