Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Perl: Make return bad status

Have you faced any problem related to msg like "/usr/bin/make NOT OK" while installing new module using CPAN? Or something while installing a new module using CPAN, all are installing, just while doing a test, it just return a BAD status, and make fail?

I was pissed off by watching the error while saw the same error at my CentOS server.

This error probably occurs due to installing the gcc, and then Perl. Your CPAN doesn't know the make to use. To show the CPAN your make below is the commands

# perl -MCPAN -e shell CPAN

cpan> o conf make /usr/bin/make

cpan> o conf commit

by the way, if you don't havet the "make" installed, you can use that using YUM from centos

yum install make

for other distribution, downlad the tar.gz and install, or you can selet the rmp too.

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