Sunday, August 24, 2008

CCVID: Another youtube video downloader site

Share at Facebook is another new youtube like sites video download link generator site. This site provides supports download link from any adult/non adult sites. They are claiming to provide support for all video sharing sites (From their home page I got it, I tried with few porn sites, and those worked too.)

here is the screenshot of the home page of which is very simple. They made the site in such a way that you don't need to select the site name like youtube/myspace. You just need to enter the video link.

downlaod, youtube, ccvid, video

After providing the a youtube link at the text box, I just press the download button, and got the below screen shot. This site provides the download link at the top. Underneath they shows the video thumbnail images, and at the bottom, they are showing the embeded video player, so that user can play the video from their site too.

downlaod, youtube, ccvid, video

There are other sites like clipnabber, keepvid are only provide the download link. But from I found that they are showing the images and embeded player as an extra.

You can take a look the site

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The ccvid flv downloading tool moved at