Sunday, July 20, 2008

Slay down by bot

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It has been few weeks I have heard about the new online search engine integrator site named Scour. I have got lots of invitation at my mail box from my friends and others. I was busy to put all the mails into spam folder.

One day I found one of my close friend talking about the site and money. Believe me guys, my nose is always smell for the place where is money flying. I found the site wanted to marketing their site by multi-level marketing policy with money to lure people. No doubt the site already reached to lots of people.

I have decided to slay the site with a bot. I wrote several bots using Perl/PHP code too. Not caught yet. But i'm sure it will be caught soon, as they are paying for. I have created several accounts, and running my bots on scour.

You guys can get the idea how to make a bot without knowing any coding. First make a cookie file named cookie.txt and save the value from below but replace the userName with your. And to find the userID value, login into your account, and get the ID from your browser's cookie of scour. Search google, how to get cookie from mozilla or other browser.
Set-Cookie3: userid=USERID; path="/";; path_spec; expires="2009-07-18 23:52:30Z"; version=0
Set-Cookie3: username=USERNAME; path="/";; path_spec; expires="2009-07-18 23:52:30Z"; version=0

Now select keywords from dictionary, and start using your wget tool from Linux box. If you use the keyword = dog, then your url will be "", from your wget, just load the page, and point your cookie.txt file as cookie file. The command is as below.
wget --load-cookies "cookie.txt" ""

Or just point the cookie.txt file of your mozilla browser by changing the weired string.

wget --load-cookies "~/.mozilla/default/some-weird-string/cookies.txt" ""

Don't forget to change the keyword dog to other one like money, bot etc. You can use PHP/Perl/Python or any other language to write a bot to login and browse the page accordingly with different keyword. By the way, here is my invitation, if anyone like, can join. By the way, soon you may find my account at ban list :) but lets try with bot first.


sachinuppal said... first and foremost fear came true already...coders already creating Bots to Spam the site and earn automatic money.

Not sure Wolf, when your account gets locked/banned, but I hope is listening.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your blog link. Its a nice effort.

Anonymous said...

Oh joy - I am building a library of all english language words from and I will start doing this tonight. LoL - you are the best; here is a tip. Copeac does not verify their e-mails so if you have a list of 1mil legit e-mails you can have them auto-submit in an iFrame and your golden they pay $.33 per submit. Get in touch with me

Harrold said...

This is what I got from scour :(

Your Scour account has been banned due to
excessive abuse of user privileges.
If you feel this is in error, please email with your
username and why you feel your account should be reinstated for review.

Thank you,
The Scour team

Anonymous said...

Please email me.

I want a copy of the youtube view increaser script.


Russoue said...

Well, your bots might already have killed scour! I found the site down for over an hour now.

Jayld14 said...

Can you give us like a step-by-step tutorial on this?

Anonymous said...

Can you make a tutorial on this or soething Cause i don't get it.

Wolf said...


These technique is not working anymore I think. Its more than one year when it worked.