Friday, April 4, 2008

Youtube: How to Increase Video View count?

youtube logoFew months ago it was easy to increase the view count of youtube video. Few people used the Mozilla browser to do this task, few used Python/Php/Perl script, which set on the server via cron job. And it will start video view count instantly.

Youtube for sure has the world's best geeks, and they know how to stop people to fake them. They are now using cookie to track your activities on video view. Thats why you can not fake them so easily. Number of plays from a single IP is monitored. So when you are trying to do this from a single IP, your view count will stop immediately. Your video play count will stuck.

The cookie currently youtube is using to track people's IP is as below format.


To overcome this, I know one way, but this not the strongest way i believe. If you use 1000 very good proxy list, and browse the video view page with a script using the proxy list, Youtube will assume that the hit is coming from different regions and places. They will use different cookies for each hit. Believe me, this works stunningly. But you need to collect some excellent proxy list. By this you can increase around 10-20K hits for a video per day.

If you want to know how to use proxy with Perl/PHP/Python script then check my previous post related to increase the view of myspace video count.


Anonymous said...

I don't like your posts because its like your just giving it away to people... duh... but at any rate YOUTUBE CHANGED THEIR VIDEO DISPLAY.... so.. "" no longer works.... i used that and then set my cookie in mozilla to expire a year from now and changed the value to "I0wn^0uTube" haha. At ANY RATE... what now right? did you know about that video URL? - it increased the video by 25-30 views for every invocation. - any ideas now? I am pulling at ajax right now but I doubt that will do anyhting. e-mail me @ - brainstorm.

Make Money Google said...

Would you be able to help me write a script that draws proxies from a few websites, and views youtube videos using those proxies? I have a great idea to use this but my knowledge is only of php and even that is limited. If you can help, I can share the idea, it works well. email me at solpolauctions(at)gmail(dot))com

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Refreshing in Firefox counts every refresh, even with the same IP.

With the software I wrote it doesn't work, although I accept cookies and everything.

I guess YouTube somehow checks if I run a real browser, perhaps using Javascipt?

Anybody can confirm this? or have any other theories and propose solutions to fix this?

autman123 said...

March 18th, 2009 at 9:36 am

I totally understand that YouTube had to and the key word here is TRY
to fix the view count problem.

So YouTube Implements a software program that if you get 200 the magic
number views from one source then your view count is automatically
frozen until it sorts out the true views from the manufactured views.
This is to keep people from boosting up there views.

OK this is the problem with this system. Anybody who wants to freeze
some one only has to go to that site and keep
hammering 200, 300 times and that person is froze. The system looks at
this as, artificially manipulate, fake, spamming, streaming etc.

This is the big problem. I think there are some people out there
purposely doing exactly this, and there doing it in mass numbers. This
is not rocket science.
They can take a few computers send view hits at 250 to 350 at a time.
Hammering one subscribers video after another.
before you no it in a very short time they have frozen 100 to 1000’s
of subscribers anywhere they want.

This fix has open the door for this hammering soft ware to be sent out
to 100’s of people who do not like YouTube and want to see them fail,
and the average everyday subscriber is caught in the middle.

Then YouTube made its first statement March 3, 2009

Implementing this change also caused view count updates to slow down a
bit in general; many people have noticed this and we’re aware of the

View counts would slow down a bit: This was a huge under statement
they stopped completely for up to two weeks some even more.

Then You Tube made it’s second statement on March 13th 2009

After 10 day’s of no post response, and totally ignoring all emails.
from hundreds of confused loyal subscribers.

YouTube wrote and I quote.

” Recently, we found spamming issues associated with the view counts
on a small number of videos. The inflated view count number on these
videos will be frozen until actual views catch up to the published,
artificial, view count “.

This statement Has infuriated people as if to say your views are
frozen so you must be cheating by spam filtering, video
streaming,artificially manipulating,or using third party view counts.

Basically if your views are frozen then you are a cheater and

Well here it is, and this is were we are at. So what are we going to

The big question is will YouTube dump there view count software or
will we all continue to suffer until there is no one left to suffer.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Instead of freezing the view counters, why can't Youtube just not advance the counts if they weren't legitimate and simply post the correct untempered with counts? Freezing someone at every 100 hit is silly!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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jcprodct said...

When I click onto my post on YouTube, I don't want MY clicks to count. I already saw the video. I want to know how many OTHERS are clicking on it and I want to increase the real number of others clicking on it. I don't want to artificially increase the number.

unooneshot said...

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Anonymous said...

"you are all SAD why dont you just create a video thats GOOD enough, FUNNY, WITTY, or clever enough to create GENUINE view counts?"

Because for my band it's not about how "bad" our video is. It's because some famous doucebag's last name happens to contain my band's name in it so when someone searches for our videos we're buried all the way to page 35. When people look him up, they get him. When they look us up, they still get him. And he doesn't even start with the same letters. We're actually against the whole fake hits crap but that philosophy is keeping our fans from finding our videos without us providing a direct link to them.



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