Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today definitely its a change

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Today April 22 is definitely the Earth Day. I have noticed the major sites are changed their logo just for this special day. Below I'm providing few different kinds of logo for the sites I used to visit, just only for the Earth Day.

Here is what yahoo was displaying. Just a flash swf object where the text color was green and from the left side an image of leaf. Looks nice to me :)

yahoo earth day
Yahoo on Earth Day

Also another giant on the Web market the Big G, the google also dressed on new look. I mean in terms of their logo.

google earth day
Google on Earth Day

Its is obvious that Google changed logo for the special day, Youtube must have to do this :-p, They too did this.
youtube earth day
Youtube on Earth Day

I didn't any changes at MSN and other sites. May be I missed of wrong. Any way among all the logos I liked the Google's one is the best. And then Yahoo :)

Imeem was doing a maintenance.

Also on this special day, I found something interesting. While I was browsing the popular music site Imeem, I found the site was doing a maintenance for several hours where they were unreachable. They were displaying the image on the site home page which denotes they are on doing some internal works. This is the Image link where the Imeem image came from http://aww.man.joe.broke.imeem.com/but.be.patient.imeem.will.be.back.soon/maintenance.jpg

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