Thursday, April 3, 2008

Does It safe to delete system volume information folder?

Its really gets weired when you looks your drive that contains the windows consuming more spaces day by day for System volume information folder. I have been using windows XP for many years and facing the same problem. First of all I thought to delete the folder contents. But second time I thought to take some suggestion from experts. I talked few experts and they told me not to delete the folder contents. Cause when OS get problem, it uses the System volume information folder to restore from last time. Actually it saves the restoring points thats why it takes spaces.

All are advised me not to delete, but use the Windows's disk cleanup tool if I really need to free some spaces. Below is how you have to do it.

** First enter into my computer and select the properties of drive that contains windows. Then click the "Disk Cleanup" button.

windows disk cleanup tool
** When you click the button another window will open like below image. Click "More Option" tabs, and it will reveal 3 options.

** From the "system restore" section, click the "clean up..." Button and click "yes" for confirmation.

** Click "OK" to start clean up process.

This will clean the System Volume Information folder by freeing oldest restore points. But my suggestion is, if you have gigs of spaces on your drive, then you don't require to do this. But if you are in shortage of spaces then you have no choice to do it. This cleaning process won't cause any problem, but it will be better to keep this. Choice is upon users. For more information


Anonymous said...

thanx buddy..
really helpful info...

Anonymous said...

Thanks you so much, This actually managed to free up over 150 giggs of space on my computer.

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