Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stage6 got shutdown

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One and only site was providing the high quality video with DivX format was stage6. They were working together with DivX and launched the site to make the divx video format is more popular. Believe me, the graphics quality of the site for each video was awesome. Very High regulation graphics with quality video.

This was a video page at stage6

It was getting popular like other video sites. Suddenly the site just shut downed. The are claiming that all the uploaded video of stage6 will find at another quality video sharing site VEOH. That site also provide high quality video, but all are in FLV and other format.

Stage6 now claiming their videos can find at VEOH

The reason behind shutting down stage6 according from my thought are

** Most video sites are allowing the FLV formatted video. This is faster and quick format. Needs less time and less bandwidth. Where divx format videos are larger in size and take more time to watch.

** A new internet user also use a flash player with his/her browser. But for stage6 video you need to install their DivX player which is only able to play the video. Obviously people don't have much time for that.

** As the site was providing the quality video. It was not possible for them to upload millions of quality video like youtube and others. Youtube and others will allow you to upload even a poor quality video. So why people will come to stage6?

Three minutes video having 71MB as size and 624 x 362 pixel

As my perspective, considering the above issues, stage6 forced to shutdown. It wasn't that much effective for them to market it and monetize. But the site was just started the new kind of flavor at video sharing site's world. But unfortunately they stopped by breaking lots of hearts of their fans.

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