Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Project Wonderful is a suck

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project wonderful logoFirst time when I saw project wonderful ads on my friend's blog, I was wondering that it could be a nice idea to put some of their ad on my blog and make some beer money. I have created the account and observed the activities of project wonderful at many blogs and sites. But I was dis hearted by seeing most of the cases the average rate of advertising price is something around $0.02 to $0.04, At some cases it is around $0.10, but these kinds of lucky!! blogs are too little.

As i'm providing the space to advertise your site, it must have some monitory value and must be profitable for me. Selling my spaces with $0.02 for 365 days I'm getting only around $7. Does it enough for me? Never. If I put google adsense on my blog, it generates much more profit rather than project wonderful. Also the adsense works superbly even with low trafficked websites.

project wonderful ad
An example of $0.02 priced ad from a blog

Also the number of big ad publisher are extremely less at project wonderful. The people are buying ad space are most of all new blogger or a blogger just looking for ad spaces at new blog with very very low price. Thats why you will never get the good $$$ flow from them. I have found some blogs where the blogger claims most of the project wonderful users are from entrecard, and buyer always check the entrecard status before make any bid. I'm not sure how much this is true.

I had posted the widget of project wonderful at my blog, and kept the minimum bid value $0.05, and I was amazed that non even bid on my ad space. I have just kicked the widget from my blog since its not only consuming my space, but taking time to load my page as well. When i was a seller at PW, its just a suck. It appears something free service to me.

For sure I'll use project wonderful in future, but as a buyer. As this is too much cheap, I'll buy lots of cheap ad spaces from them and will boast my blog definitely.

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