Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to integrate youtube video with google adsense?

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Good news for the people who are focusing on earning money by providing ad their site/blog. You can add video adsense at your blog/site that will definitely kick the money/cash flow from your ad service. Google adsense started a new feature by allowing people to show the add with youtube video. Since both of google's own product, its simple for them.

I'v got the news from youtube page while one day i was watching video. At my account settings page, i got the link of AdSense Video Units Players. After that i was wondering to add that ad on blog. I have followed their FAQ and help section and couldn't figure out the right way (cause i don't have both the account using gmail, but if you have will it so easy?). but finally I succeeded. For those who need help. Just follow the below steps that i sorted out from searching. At least it will save your time i guess.

** First of all, you need an account at youtube http://www.youtube.com, and another one at adsense http://www.google.com/adsense

** After successfully creating account at both sites, now login into adsense account, browse the link https://www.google.com/adsense/video-distribution it will bring a page where you just need to agree the terms and conditions. When you will agree them, it will bring the page of youtube login page, and just need to enter your youtube user/password. The page will look like below.

** If you already logged in into youtube account, above login process will be skipped automatically. Now after successfully login, it will bring the page where you have to put your adsense login email, last 5 digits of your phone number, and the zip code of the area to verify that its your account. All are that you provided for adsense account. below is the screen shot of the adsense account confirmation process.

** After that it will be automatically redirected to http://www.youtube.com/adsense_player if not, just do it manually. It will bring a page where you can customize your player. Enter a name and description for this player that will help you remember it in the future. Customize the colors and layout of the player to fit your site. Choose the type of content you'd like to display in this player: automated content that's automatically targeted to your site, or content from specific categories or providers.

** Click the Generate code button. Copy the code in the box and paste into the HTML source of your page where you'd like to display the video. Once you've saved and published your page to the web, you'll see targeted videos start to show up right away.

** Remember, for future if you edit your player, you don't change the code. It will automatically detect from youtube server.

Just for a note. Adding this feature doesn't mean that your money/cash flow increase dramatically than previous. But it will help to add extra tickle of money with your blog for sure. I'm keeping this video ad on my blog for observation purpose. If I find this thing is helpful to accelerate my money/cash flow i'll carry on, otherwise i'll kick this out from my entire blog.




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