Thursday, March 20, 2008

Entrecard Bot to generate auto click

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Actually i'm going to tell you how to gather easy ec points from entry card using fake hits. This is not a bot, but its an easy way to generate more ec (entrecard credit). Just you have to do some manual task, but simple. Please follow the below steps.

** First of all open your mozilla firefox browser. If you don't have the browser download yourself.

** Browse the entrecard site, and login with your account.

** After successfull login, browse any entry card holder's blog, and find the entrecard advert from the blog.

Entrecard Advert

** Move your mouse pointer over the "Drop" text, and you'll see at the bottom of the page a link apears. Right click on "Drop" and copy the "link location"

Link appears below firefox browser

** At the firefox address bar, paste the link, and you'll see that "Thanks" message appears.

Now change the numbers from the link and hit on address bas with 5 to 10 seconds delay. You'll see that your entre card points ar growing rapidly. It works nicely hope you guys will enjoy the trick. For example change the value from the link, keep k= 5 digit random number. for example say another url can be keep changing the values and hit on mozilla address bar.


Achmad Zaenuri said...

not working.

It says, invalid. What random number should I enter in 'k' variable?

haziri said...

Please do not use this type of cheat because you will be banned in less than 20 minute. The "K" is random number generated by the system. When you use the same random number, you'll be caught. Just stick the way it is. A lot of people has been banned for cheating.

Internet Marketing Strategy said...

Using this method is a surefire way to get banned. Entrecard was alerted to this method of speed dropping shortly after it was made publicly available. It was made publicly available when Entrecard was a couple months old, perhaps you should update your post letting people know that they will lose their accounts if they try to use this?