Saturday, March 22, 2008

Digg: An unknown fatal exception has occurred

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The issue is not new that you got the error from digg having the page title

Doh! An unknown fatal exception has occurred

And the Message at page

An unknown fatal exception has occurred
Whoa! Something blew up. If you think you reached this error in error please do not hesitate to contact support.

I have changed my browser(IE, Opera, Mozilla) but all are came with same result. Even I have cleaned my cookie, but still experienced the same problem. Interestingly, few 20/30 hours later I got the digg working again, but few hours later its giving me error again. I mean the error coming back by rotating.

Finally when I couldn't find the solution, I have mailed them for support, but their support didn't reply me. I'm still waiting for their sexy customer care girl for a reply.


Kokaina said...

never give up! email them again and they will send a sexy support girl :)

P.S. I have the same problem ))

Did You Know? said...

this is also my big problem now. i lost my 300 visitors per day from digg. how sad

Craftsworld said...

Any solution to this will be helpful.


p@r@Noid said...

i landed up here searching for the solution , but i could not find any solution..!!!

It's Jaz My Blog said...

i also want to post there. same problem will occur... >.<

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I thought digg banned my IP or something. Whew!

Banned by Digg said...

Cheers for sharing, for some reason it didn't work for me, as this error is due to you being banned. Normally by IP address, so a new cookie will not help :(

If you have the same problem after trying this fix, try

Thanks for sharing the tip.

Anonymous said...

That's why you can't use digg at any public hotspot, workplace or if your ISP uses dynamic addressing.

It's becoming more hassle to find a working IP address than it's worth!

Bye Bye digg

Wolf said...

Already said a "goodbye" to digg. Its enough.

Andy said...

Same problem here. And it was my first link submission ever.

Not a good first impression.

nmpraveen said...

Just run "cmd" and type
ipconfig /renew

It worked fine for me...