Sunday, March 30, 2008

Commandos: Protect General O'Donnell

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This is the second level of the most popular strategy game Commandos, Destination Berlin. In this level you have to protect the General named O'Donnell. Enemy soldiers are landing into the game field with para suite. I'm giving the illustration of how to play the game easily.

commandos help screen shot screenshot ambush
First bring all your men near to the bridge, and make an ambush. So that when all the other enemy soldiers are passing the bridge will be knocked down easily

commandos help screen shot screenshot ambush
After an ambush at bridge, Make another one here. So that you can kill the enemy soldier easily again. Remember, your Green Barret is weak with the rifle, he has short range compare to Sapper and Snipper, keep him behind Sapper and Snipper so that enemy soldier make deal with other too.

commandos help screen shot screenshot sapper
Do some firework with Sapper. I love to do this when the field is clear. Just utilizing my extra Bombs and granedes

commandos help screen shot screenshot sniper
This is the Exit for the game. When I was played the game first, I was in trouble to find the Exit for this level.

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Giovani said...

Thanks for your information! it's so hard to protect that General. But in the end, he's going to be a traitor! I hate it!