Sunday, March 30, 2008

Commandos: Eliminate the Snipper

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This is the very first level of popular strategy game Commandos, Destination Berlin. This level you have to kill the Enemy Snipper. Unfortunately the Enemy Snipper is more powerful then your snipper. To knock down the snipper, you need to clear the other soldiers from the game field, then try to come as closer to the sniper behind an obstacle, and then with a quick run kill the snipper with your sub machine gun, or long rifle or with short gun. I'm illustrating how I did. Its easy.

commandos help screen shot screenshot sniper
I brought my snipper behind the obstacle and waiting to kill the enemy snipper with a quick qction

commandos help screen shot screenshot sniper
Then I killed the enemy sniper with my sub machine gun with a quick action, so that enemy sniper can't make any action

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Anonymous said...

i lol @ your snipper