Saturday, February 23, 2008

Youtube and online marketing.

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One of the easiest way to market your product, just pound youtube hard. Youtube has billions of viewer per days. Who knows, you can take a chance :)
Just do as below.

* Chose a quality video from youtube.
* Add your website link or product info at the flv video. Something like a text at the bottom of the video.
* Upload the video under your user name.
* Disable comment, so that no one can claim that is his/her video.
* Make a bot, or buy a bot to increase the video view for your video.

If your video gets the higher views through per day, your video will come as a featured video. Thats why when any viewer enter the site, will see your video as a featured video as well as your product marketing.

If you are a software developer, you can develop a bot yourself. Most popular programming languages to develop a bot are Perl/Python. Some people uses Php+Curl now a days. Actually the language preference depends upon your choice and control. In future I'll show how to write a bot.

Not only youtube, you can target other video sharing sites like myspace, AOL etc for product advertising. But my choice is youtube for being the leading on this area.

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BobbyT said...

Wow, seemed like a blackhat method for quick promotion. Companies with enough budget should consider instead to produce your own video ads, make it funny, like what you see on TV, make it short and personalize it. I am sure viewers will like it if it is short, entertaining and informative :)